The other day, I came across this: Why is that a problem? Of course, can’t judge a blog by its one entry right? Nothing against this nerd girl problem concept — I’m all about the hashtags and complaining about my first world problems. Scrolling through the site, some of it is definitely “lol” worthy, but … Continue reading

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies turned out to be a surprise hit. Not that nutella anything ever goes wrong, but I was pleasantly surprised by the richness of the flavor and the moist texture (a bit fudgey). And then I thought about how much butter I used and it kind of made sense. They’re so delicious that I thought I’d … Continue reading

Chinese-style bo ssam

I didn’t know what the hell a bo ssam was until my friends and I were discussing our hypothetical epic Secret Santa dinner (we share the same passion for mouth-watering deliciousness). Then I managed to flip through a copy of David Chang’s Momofuku book and realized that it’s originally a Korean invention. A bo ssam … Continue reading

introducing a new category: nom therapy

Due to my obsession with How I Met Your Mother, mostly NPH’s epic character Barney, I’ve adopted some words that are now a part of my ordinary vocabulary. Examples: “the ____ theory”, “___ therapy” (case in point), “the ____ maneuver”, “this is totally going on my blog”. In honor of that lexical influence, I’m now … Continue reading

calm down, people, it’s just cancer.

A few days ago, Lindsey Miller (who happens to be my close friend’s sister), bravely posted a short video on YouTube asking Joseph Gordon-Levitt out for coffee: Since then, her video has been featured on facebook (I like to think my profile was one of the first :D ), then Huffingtonpost, E!Online, Perez Hilton, and … Continue reading

Science nerding

Okay I’ve jumped the bandwagon and stole this from someone’s site because this probably explains my life better than my own words. Going to insert my own comments when appropriate: “You know you’ve worked in the lab too long when…” Linguistics: You say “mills” and “migs”.  Yes, definitely guilty. You say “orders of magnitude” in … Continue reading

Celebrate World Hepatitis Day

Long overdue post, but here is the link to the official White House announcement for World Hepatitis Day on July 28. Read the full press release here. This is a big step toward global health awareness, especially amid the healthcare chaos domestically and a big discrepancy in health benefits in other countries. Go new health … Continue reading

Lits Rant: #2 – Sense & Sensibility

Continuing this thread. I mentioned Austen in my Whitman post, so I typed up this journal entry I wrote for my seminar class on “A Brief History of Enthusiasm”  Austen’s take on enthusiasm in relation to tempering “sensibility” with “sense” is completely different from the classic Romantic poetry we are used to. Elinor and Marianne … Continue reading

The future of young scientists

This is adapted from an article I wrote for the CAIES newsletter last June, with some stolen phrases from a commencement speech I wrote a year ago (now deleted from this blog so you can’t compare the two haha). I kind of forgot about it, but in light of all the recent graduations from my … Continue reading

Happy One-Year Anniversary, PKP 2010

Um, I totally lied when I said my last post was the last cambridge post. Just thinking about this time last year, and how this summer will be pretty mundane in comparison.  I guess you just had to be there to understand.